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Attorney John Tidball is running for Magisterial District Court Judge for District 44-03-01 in Wyoming County.  

John has been a licensed attorney for 18 years practicing in both criminal and civil courts.  He is the only candidate who has represented the legal interests of individuals and businesses at every level of the court system.  For the last 10 years John has served as the Chief Executive Officer of Glen Summit Springs Water Company, a local business operating for over 130 years.   

Vote for Experience- John's experience as a practicing attorney makes him the only candidate in this race who has represented people like you in the forum he desires to preside over.  That experience gives him a unique perspective on the way individuals see and approach solving their legal issues.  His education, training and experience in the law and his experience in managing a historic local business has uniquely prepared him to serve our Community and run the Magistrate's office. 

Vote for a Full Time Magistrate- John believes the the Magistrate's office is the arm of the judicial system that is the closest to the public.  John knows that the hearing schedule for the Magisterial office he seeks demands less than a full time commitment.  Meaning if the Magistrate handles the hearing schedule and nothing else the County is not getting what it is paying for.  John wants to use the office to proactively bring attention to relevant legal issues with Public Legal Forums and work cooperatively with community groups  to increase the effectiveness and community awareness of programs such as the Drug Treatment Court.

Vote for Fairness and Impartiality- John believes the legal system in our country is the best ever created by man.  When the law is fairly and impartially applied to disputes among parties it acts as a leveler, where the justice can be obtained by all without regard to societal stature, power or wealth. John is committed to applying the law fairly in every case free from conflicts of any business interests.



Wednesday, April 19, 2017 12:00 AM

Tunkhannock Rotary's Drug Awareness Efforts

Click the link above to read about a great example of a community effort headed by the Tunkhannock Rotary that could be enhanced with from the platform of an active Magistrate's office.  Monthly Legal Forums could bring attention to how prescription drug abuse leads to other drug issues and increase awareness of the Rotary's outstanding efforts.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017 12:00 AM

Filling a Treatment Gap

Was speaking with a parent in the county yesterday whose teenager was put on the right path through the work of those at EIHAB, now housed in the St. Michaels facility on Route 92.   I look forward to working cooperatively with organizations like EIHAB to improve treatment services and "fill the treatment gaps" in our County.

Friday, April 14, 2017 1:11 PM

Debate Set Then Cancelled

The Wyoming County Chamber of Commerce working cooperatively with the Wyoming County Examiner had agreed to sponsor a "Candidate's Forum" for the Magistrate and Coroner Candidates in Wyoming County as called for by Magisterial Candidate John Tidball.  On Thursday, April 13 the candidates were notified plans to hold the forum were cancelled when one of the Candidates refused to participate.




Tuesday, April 11, 2017 12:00 AM

Judge Tosses Frivolous Ballot Challenge

Judge Jason Legg threw out a challenge to John Tidball's nomination petitions.  The challenge was brought two citizens on incumbent Plummer's behalf.  The frivolous suit sought to remove Tidball and Grimaud's names from the Magistrate ballot alleging that they failed to properly file Financial Interest Statements with the Office of Elections and the County Commissioners. The overwhelming testimony was that Tidball and Grimaud filed those statements properly according to practice in Wyoming County.

John Tidball was the only candidate who represented himself in the matter.  David Plummer did not appear for the hearing. Barbara Grimaud was represented by Mr. Moran, an attorney from Scranton.

Monday, April 10, 2017 2:47 PM

Wyoming County Chamber of Commerce Legislative Breakfast

John will be attending the Wyoming County Chamber of Commerce Legislative Breakfast, Tuesday, April 11 at Stonehenge Golf Course.  John sees the drug epidemic in our community as a significant concern and views as invaluable the opportunity to stay informed on legislative initiatives that have an impact on our County.

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